torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

Upcoming event: Path, exhibition / October 6. - December 18. 2010 / Mänttä, Finland

"A path is trampled at the heart of human's surrounding as a result of its continuous use. Further one will get and more the path splits, it eventually disappears completely. Adventures usually begin after the path is gone but at the same time the familiar ground on which the wanderer has left his mark ends. Further away the wanderer is a stranger or intruder on someone else's land, a tourist. It's difficult to discover new things on a familiar path and find meanings for things in everyday life. Often it requires returning to the beginning and long-term exploration.

This exhibition shows contemporary photography and video art that spring from artists' own points of views and the right of existence of which the artists have achieved through their strong presence."

(from Honkahovi's website, freely translated)

Carnival, Tampere
5th photo from series called Journey Home

More information over here (unfortunately in Finnish only).