sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

Adventures In City The City Of B / 02-03/2012

While others have their Winter holidays, I took some time off school and (will definitely be in trouble later) flew to Berlin with Nora. We have been taking easy, going to magnificent parties, seeing exhibitions (I'll probably write about everything later).

Breaking news: I got my first Polaroid camera for nothing at the open air flee market and today, week after the camera, I found Polaroid 600 of the Impossible Project straight off the counter of the c/o Berlin book shop. The Impossible film is trickier than the old polaroid film used to be but after one failure, I got sort-of-visible self portrait out of the camera. So it works. New era has begun!

Only functionable digital device is Nora's photobooth, so.... The mask I'm wearing is a prop for a party in KitKat club, but as in all the best places in Berlin, photography is not allowed, so there are no actual photos of any parties. And all the photos are on film anyway, so it takes some time to get them developed.

Ladidaa. I just feel so happy and thankful (and tired) at the moment.

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