sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2012

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  1. Artistic references:

    sex gang children (which is a band) lyrics,
    mentioning nirvana,
    which is also a band
    which contained Kurt Cobain,
    who shot himself
    with a handgun
    which is a gun, not a hand
    but not through his nose (probably)

    but then there is this Monty Python gang
    with "A Man With A Tape Recorder Up His Nose"
    which involves a hand (not a gun) up a nose
    and music plays out of the nose of the man

    and sex gang children,
    which is a band, also plays music
    and their lyrics, which... etc.

  2. Vastaukset
    1. thanks! <3 ( be counted in the "personal best".. ... .)