torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

Lost and found / 2009&2010

1. Neuschwanstein (07/2009)
2.  Suburban princess sings no more (04/2010)

These photos are ones that I always return to. I have addressed them by couple of names, each name leading deeper into to the existing themes. It's a process that resembles tidal waves, remembering and forgetting them. Each wave brings new things ashore, like the ones people have lost or thrown off without a thought of someone somewhere finding them. I find not only myself attached to these two particular images. People tend to stop by and drift away for longer times. I know it's partly due to the aesthetics but also because of the confusion created by uncertainty if they are set up or real.

Things that are actually there represent the things that are not there anymore or the things that the world would do better without.

Usually it's hard to write about one's own work but with these I felt like it. There is always something to say. No photo goes into category i-just-took-it-it's-just-a-photo-don't-ask-me-i-don't-know. I'm just not so keen on explaining, the viewer can find his or her own ways of seeing each work. And most of my readers speak Finnish not English. Might try writing some other time too. Perhaps.

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