sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

The only photo of Berlin was a polaroid

The excitement of shooting film is in uncertainty.
I use only film when I travel. Digital equipment is too fragile and
valuable to take abroad, and it's too heavy to carry around. So finally
I had the films from Berlin developed. This time it was three rolls of
nothing. I just stood at the counter and after a little while started crying,
paid for the films and sat down on the nearest sofa to sob. I have never
had any film disasters before so it felt bad. And when I realized
it was because of my own stupidity it was even harder to bear.
It wasn't the security check machines that destroyed the films -
I just had forgotten to change the small battery in the bottom of the
camera. (The camera is from the 80's and it has a battery, it's really
hard to remember. A film camera with a battery!)

One day we went to an open air flee market and I bought a polaroid
camera, as some of you might remember. Then I ran across a pack
of Impossible film. It is not as simple to use as the old films and only
after two test shoots I got a decent picture out of the camera. (You
have to wait really long for the colour polaroids to develop, hours,
even a day.)

And this is the picture. It's flawed in several ways, but now when
all the other photos are gone, it's worth a lot. In fact, now when I
think of it, this is what Berlin felt like.

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